Friday, December 14, 2007



How to know and LIVE WELL in this life!

WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE ARE YOU IN THE WORLD?\PANEAGLE has some cu's and clues to this main life question, opens the doorways of consciousness and appreciation, sends your issue of life quests to the stars and back, will assist and guide or simply be a unified friend, so your own perception of these NU values you may need and want, beyond the world and yet integrated in life, it's not that Eagle Works is your savior, but for each and all there is something here.

F.L.I.G.H.T stands for FuLly InteGrated HonesTy, in its highes form, meaning to live a life of purpose, meaning, and relationship, integrated into your best and greatest life direction and knowing a mission, even possibly to achieve immortality in this lifetime. It is not to be co-dependent, but to be an alive, realized Soul. Taking your full FLIGHT is simply being honest and knowing who you are, not denying or biased or reacting, but being cause and directly responsible, which leads to fresponsible existence, while being human. There is more to this grand context, and it good to know as much of what it means, here and now, of the life principles and actuality of each life mystery, until you finally achieve, the actual conscious existence which knows who you are and why your here.


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