Tuesday, August 25, 2009


THE SOUL ROCK *(Copyright 2009, paneagle, peter adams, eagle works;


ONE) First there was, the "THE ROCK OF AGES", a Children's Story for the ages, about the first star rock and its message to the Children of the world.

SECOND) Then there was the WATER OF LIFE, a short film series, about our world and its' environment, the relationship of man to the planet, and the connection of light, sound, and spirit, within each Soul, through music and images, in five parts.

THIRD) Then came DESTINY, the Novel, and its three part epic trilogy describing events in the past, on Middle Earth, and on the world of Exis, leading to our present time, all interrelated to describe a spiritual and universal unity of critical events which transcend space and time, across the domain of time, into our common human experience.


FOURTH) Finally, Paneagle presents the SOUL ROCK, a film vision, invited to be developed, asking for participation and inclusion of rock stars, film producers, entrepenuers, musicians, and animated artists or computer developer/programmers, to become a major motion picture MUSICAL FILM event, with a potential corresponding industry of creative artists and online producers, in shared cooperative and transforming vision within both the story, the rock film, and its creative development.


Let yourself find out what it reveals to us, about our human history, and the DESTINY of Man on Earth.

More real than STAR WARS, more true than THE ODDYSSEY, larger in scope than the LORD OF THE RINGS, and more relevant than 2001 and 2012 doomsday prophecy, here is a coordination of stories and insights for the ages. It could be the greatest story of all time. Not because it seeks a following, but because it is completely devoted to what is real for today.

----------------------SHORT FILM SERIES

Called the WATER OF LIFE, in five parts, by paneagle, eagle works films, 2000.

1) The story of why SAND, SKY, EARTH, and WATER have a talk.

2) The reflections of the transcendent poet RUMI with sound and light expressions on living water and life, (to describe Living Connections of nature and man)

3) Images and music of Jimi Hendrix and the channel of living water expressed in his music, as one of the Twelve Disciple of Rock. (The artist as living channel)

4) Living water in the expression of the poetry and music of life, within a written story poem. (Written Fables to exemplify in Film Storytelling mode)

5) One man's visual observation of both lovers and universal light, using various musical and film art pieces, as a unified expression of love. (a Living Film)

This series is an ongoing project development.

Further creativity could include FILM MAKING, online projection, interactive LIVING MEDIA, and crossover TV, WEB, and AV MUSIC/VISUAL with education and venture capital investment and vehicle of integrated MULTI-MEDIA production.