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Paneagle discovers NEW ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS for the USA

The original American birth was July 4, 1776, but few know the USA SOL SIGN is Gemini, as the sign of the inner nature of the country that eventually led to America becoming the media giant it is today. Paneagle says Gemini in the sol chart is called the Charioteer with Capella the brightest star in the north sky in this constellation passing over the 45th parallel and northern part of the country every day. America is indeed under a bright star, and good fortune as well as a spiritual intelligence. As Uranus was in Gemini at the nation's beginnning and suggests our universalism, freedom, and liberty are indeed keywords, and that we shall advance with technology, science, and invention and media values throughout this entire past and next century to come.

But what of our environment and psyche? Paneagle discovers three major changes are now occuring within the past year, using a technique of progression. This leads us into the next century in a sol sign cycle of Pisces to bring in the greatest need for compassion, service, and true spirituality perhaps since the days of Jesus, who is also said to be born under the sign of Pisces, according to Astrologer Jayj Jacobs. Today Pisces is said to regard artistry, the movie industry, creativity and intuition, as well as religion and mysticism, but it can be quite realistic too, in helping the poor and working with disadvantaged. America has been at the head of charity around the world.

The century of Pisces rising comes upon America just as the Aquarian age comes upon the world. It is said the Aquarian age lasts some 2100 years, and the Piscean age which came in with the Jesus period, is resolving itself, finally. A movement of understanding both spirituality and religion as well as universal truths and scientific theory has become a mainstay of many discussions. The aquarian age is said to bring a new age for man, space travel, science at its highest and lowest, with the vision of becoming galactic citizens some time during the long cycle, possibly in a true civilization of the universe. America stands at the head of the advent of this new era. living water and the natural element of water supplies and global warming is a crucial question.

As the Mayan Calender ends its cycle in 2012, the present 2 to 5 years are critical. First the Aquarian north node for the next 2 years is followed by uranus entering aries, and in a grand square with pluto and saturn included, strong signals indeed. This becomes a very significant period of time on Earth, with consciousness and conscience vital. The crossed aspects of invention, culture, business, and power lead us to evaluate and renogotiate our infra-structure, economies, resource use, and environment, needing to propose new ways to work with them for the entire next century, if not the next millenium.

Paneagle predicts no armegeddon, but the prospects for global change are great. Pollution, global warming, weather, health issues, and capital profit, home and internal structures are all cause for risk and reward, if we begin to think globally and act locally. In addition, a new orbiting body, Sedna has been in Taurus for some 40 years and includes relations to economic variables as strong and powerful influences for the use of Earth and its resources, and our need for increased practical values. While we continue to experience abundance, and while we still have a chance, as Sedna falls in the USA's 6th house, for it is a time to heal and help the planet and our organizations, structures, and coordinations. We ask, which side will we choose to work with?

Astrology has come full circle now with the new SOL Astrology, a most elegant and simple formula hidden in the natural positions of the stars. This now builds a complete evaluation of the Aquarian age to come, the ancient cycles, and the national prognostication. America truly stands at a crossroads. One other important 50 year cycle now begins for the USA. This is the sol cycle of Scorpio, which began in the late 1990's and extended us by terrorism as a first effect with the 9-11 event, which we see could have been prevented, if the powers that be and our government had taken enough charge. So it is as we move on, knowing sometimes some things must occur, even if wake up calls. This is a wake up call for us all.

Paneagle says we shall see the moving sense of empowerment and purpose into the next period with strength, and direct force, but also more unseen dynamics. Let us hope we see the vision of true american and aquarian idealism, in keeping with the heart and soul of the United States.
If we look at history we can see all the changes important to this nation, through this method.

Eagle works presents this unique set of information so we can know and see how to use the highest principles and evolve the truths that are self-evident, to build a true republic for which we stand, as it is, one nation under god, towards true liberty, and justice for all. Gemini led off with the first truly American working documents preparing the way. Cancer took hold during the Louisiana Purchase period with the establishment of the homeland's national heritage of states. Leo brought in acquisition of the west and Indian lands, civil war strife and pride, but also great commerce and creative inventing. Virgo led us to raise the force of Immigrants as workers and developers of the nations road, business, and great buildings as well as medicine. Libra
was the prosperous era of the American ideal, increase of law power and even military necessity to protect the common good, but we must see why President Eisenhower warned us against the military industrial complex. This period also saw the social civilization reaching peaks of entertainment, nurture, and capacity for love and beauty, such as in the 60's, and even today many realize the essence of the ideal was more than hippie peace and love movements.

Now we come to Scorpio, with its transformative development and risk rewards. We must find a way to use power, energy, resources and people in a whole way, with integrated economics and real value even to assist those most in need, and turn into economic advantage. This is a dynamic period indeed, and the originally nurturing caring and familiar American sense of freedom and charity and good will must remain, for community, family and tradition stand to regard both progress and past strengths of the nation as vital and important. We stand on the verge of our true destiny, to manifest America to its highest purposes, to know man is related to his environment and the planet, with real cause and effects, and we who can respect that shall succeed in the most amazing ways. America, the land of the free, must make that true for all people.

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